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It's all about the details

We will build your modular steel shelter at our facility then have it transported to and buried on your property.

We bury our shelters 6' below the surface.

They are 10′ wide and can be 20′, 30′ 40′ or 50′ long.

They are modular, meaning you can have multiple units combined in different configurations.

  • Constructed of 1/4″ Plate Steel
  • Wrapped in Structural Steel
  • Approved by a Structural Engineer

Protected from the elements

  • Seams are tested
  • All surfaces are sand blasted to kill surface rust
  • The exterior is coated in a material used to protect deep sea oil rigs from corrosion
  • Depending on your ground water conditions, this coating can protect for over 100 years.

Made to last

  • High quality, composite wood flooring
  • Concrete board interior walls
  • Optional stainless steel cabinets

It's like getting an addition to your home

Even our smallest shelter (pictured) has a kitchen, private bathroom (toilet, sink & shower), work space, living space with entertainment, faux windows and a sleeping solution.  (We use a pullout sofa here, however bunk beds & full beds are possible.)

The larger the shelter, the more options available.

The back wall with the two sliding doors is made of a textured moisture resistant concrete board.  The door on the left opens into the bathroom with a toilet, small vanity and shower.  The door on the right conceals the NBC air filtration system.  

The 6' depth should maintain a cool temperature all year long

Massive under floor storage

  • 600+ gallon water tank
  • Plumbing system can draw from city and then isolate during emergencies
  • Energy solutions
  • Food storage

Maintain your standard of living

  • Grid power
  • Solar power
  • Up-flush toilet
  • Tankless hot water heater
  • Shower
  • Microwave
  • Filtered Water
  • Computer
  • TV
  • Video Games

NBC Air Filtration

Switzerland, Finland and Israel require homes to have shelters with NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) air filtration systems.  We install these systems in our shelters.

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