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Product Information

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Product Specifications

  • Material- 1/4″ thick plate steel
  • These Shelters are Modular
  • 10′ wide by 20, 30, 40 or 50′ long.  Multiples can be added in any configuration.
  • NBC Air filtration system – Filters out all Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Particles.  Can be hand cranked if power is lost.
  • Electricity- Wired throughout.  Client chooses grid power, solar power or both.
  • Plumbing- Can be connected to city water. Includes large water storage tank, sinks, toilet and shower.
  • Tankless Hot Water Heater
  • Kitchen- Kitchen cabinets, kitchen sink, water filtration, microwave.
  • Bedroom- Many options available.  We will install the beds.  Client can customize further.  Bunk beds are an option as well.
  • Bathroom- Upflush Toilet, Shower, Vanity with sink
  • Living Quarters-  Client can customize.
  • Entertainment- Possibility of TV, Computer, Internet, Video Games etc

The Process

  1. We have an initial consultation to determine size, layout and options.
  2. The contract is signed.
  3. We ask for a payment up front to cover high material costs.
  4. A site survey is performed to determine the water table, frost line and other site conditions.
  5. We order materials.
  6. We place the shelter into our build schedule and assign technicians to work on it.
  7. We weld external structural steel to floor, walls and roof.
  8. We weld the walls to the floor.
  9. We weld the roof to the walls.
  10. We test all of the seams that contact the interior of the shelter.
  11. When the units are constructed we sand blast both the exterior and the interior surfaces to kill all surface rust to prevent it from forming.  (We sand blast and coat the bottom of the unit before welding the walls to it.)
  12. Next we apply a coating that is manufactured for civic infrastructure such as bridges as well as to water proof deep sea oil rigs.  Depending on ground water exposure this material can protect the unit for up to 150 years.
  13. After this we paint the interior walls with a mold resistant paint.
  14. We then install a high quality composite wood flooring.
  15. We build any interior walls with a concrete based board.
  16. Then we paint these newly installed interior walls.
  17. We install all kitchen cabinetry, bathroom vanities, toilets, showers, sinks, office cabinetry etc,
  18. We install all wiring, lighting and plumbing.
  19. We use an up-flush toilet system.  These systems can be installed almost anywhere.
  20. We bring in any large furniture pieces such as beds and couches.
  21. We perform a detailed inspection of every aspect of the shelter.
  22. We secure any loose items within the shelter such as furniture.  Then we place the unit on a truck for transport.
  23. At your site, a hole is dug to place the shelter in.
  24. A 12″ concrete pad is poured and allowed to cure.
  25. The shelter is lowered into the hole with a crane.
  26. We line up each piece and weld together any connection points.
  27. Next, we connect each piece to the concrete pad with lag bolts.
  28. We install drainage methods appropriate for the site such as french drains which direct exterior water within the soil away from the shelter.
  29. We route all air venting, electrical and plumbing so that they are above where the surface will be once soil is filled back in.
  30. We touch up any exposed areas with deep sea oil rig coating.
  31. We fill in and pack dirt up to surface level.
  32. We do a final walk-through, using a checklist to ensure that the shelter is ready for the client to begin using ASAP.
  33. Build time varies by size of shelter.

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