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Fortress Survival Shelters Referral Program

Referral Payment:


Welcome to the Fortress Survival Shelter Referral Partner Program!  Our program partners are very important to our business model.  It is our goal to cultivate strong working relationships with all of our members.  Please read the following resources to best equip yourself to sell Fortress shelters.  Also, please contact us at 513-276-3719 if you have any issues, questions or suggestions.  Thank you!

More Resources

How it works

  1. If you have not yet provided it, send us your email so that we can stay in contact.  Please email
  2. Offer each client an underground shelter that can be used for a storm shelter, wine cellar, safe room, man cave, gun vault and of course fallout shelter. Experts have stated that due to the situation between China and Taiwan, Israel and Iran as well as Russia and Ukraine/NATO, we are now as close to WWIII as we were during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  This is more than enough reason to buy a shelter.
  3. If a client is interested you can 1. operate as a go-between (until the contract is signed) so as to stay informed if they purchase a shelter or 2. send the client to us to fulfill the sales process and stay in contact with your client to learn if they have purchased a shelter or not.
  4. When we receive a signed contract from the client along with a down-payment, we will send you a check for 50% of the referral fee.
  5. We will send the second half of the referral fee after installation of the shelter.

Referral Program Details

  • Fortress Survival Shelters offers a referral payment of $5,000 per shelter referred.
  • We will pay half of the payment after the contract is signed.  Second half upon completion of project.  We will not pay if the client backs out of the project after signing the contract.
  • You will be paid as a 1099.
  • General Contractors and Home Builders will perform the installation of the shelter.  They will be paid directly from the client for this work.  Fortress reserves the right to send an advisor to the installation to ensure proper installation.

Extra Income

  • Set yourself a goal
  • Think of this as extra fun money
  • Save up to buy your own shelter
  • Sell one a year to pay for your vacation

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