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Sales Process and Tips

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The Process

You know your clients better than we do.  Do what works best.  However,  below we have included our suggested strategy.

Explanation to Clients

There are a few main selling points to explain:

  1. There is a real need.
  2. These are comfortable spaces.
  3. They have alternate uses.
  4. They are made to last.

Primary focus:

“It is your job to protect your family.  You should know that there is a real threat to them.  For the sake of your family, it is better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.  You can protect them for the cost of a luxury car.”


This is a real threat

Here are a few FACTS:

  • Thucydides Trap:  A pattern repeated throughout history when there is a world power, and a new power is rising, it is inevitable that there will be a conflict between the two.  The US is the existing power.  China is rising and they are not going to be satisfied with being second to the US.  Some type of conflict is inevitable.  Probably in the next few years.  The time to prepare is now.
  • China has set a goal to reclaim Taiwan in the next few years.
  • The US President has stated multiple times that we will defend Taiwan if invaded by China.
  • China has at least 400 nuclear weapons.
  • China is allied with Russia, North Korea and Iran.
  • The US President, The Chinese President and The Russian President have all said that the current situation is as dangerous as the Cuban Missile Crisis.
  • Concerning the situation in Ukraine: NATO and Russia keep crossing each others red lines.
  • There is a trajectory of Ukraine joining NATO.
  • Article 5 of NATO states that if any member is attacked the entire coalition will defend them.  I.E. if Ukraine joins NATO then the US will go to war with Russia… This would be WW3.
  • The situation between Israel and Iran could eventually lead to the west versus Russia.
  • There is a reason many billionaires are buying shelters.

These are uncomfortable facts, but ignoring them will not make them any less TRUE.  For some reason the major news stations do not talk very much about these things, however you can research all of them to verify.  This truly is a very dangerous situation. 

We are not just trying to sell something here.  We truly want to protect as many families as possible.

Click Here to learn about how a fallout shelter protects against a nuclear blast.

These are Comfortable Spaces

When most people think of a fallout shelter, they imagine a damp dimly lit concrete cell.  Our shelters are made to feel just like the interior of a comfortable home.  We even have faux windows to provide the right ambiance.  Given this, there are many people who would become interested in having a shelter if they only knew that they were comfortable spaces and not dingy dungeons.

It is your job to inform them.

They have alternate uses

For some clients it may be hard to justify the cost for a potential one time use.  If this is the case, point out that there are many other ways they can use their shelter:

  • Safe Room
  • Tornado Shelter
  • Man Cave
  • Gun Vault
  • Wine Cellar
  • Teenager Hangout

It’s basically like an addition to the house that can be used for many purposes but if needed, can also save your family’s lives.

They are built to last

  • Structural Engineer Approved
  • 1/4″ plate steel
  • Wrapped in hundreds of feet of structural steel.
  • Covered in a bitumastic coal tar coating that is made to protect deep sea oil rigs and bridges from corrosion.  Depending on conditions, they can protect the shelter for 100-150 years.

Sales Process

Below is our suggested process:

  1. Initial Conversation

  2. Put client on email video list to help them understand the threat

  3. Follow up contact on regular basis: Quick checking in phone calls or texts every few months.

Keep building this list- adding in more and more potential clients

Of course it is ideal to make a sale from an initial conversation.  However, if that first conversation does not yield results, don’t give up there.
These shelters are a large purchase that requires thought.  And this is a topic that many people have not thought about, or even know that they have the option to buy a comfortable, home-like shelter.  For this reason we recommend a strategy that informs the potential client of the need for a shelter, while giving them time to think about it and also keeping us in the forefront of their minds.
Step One
The first step is to have an initial conversation.  These are clients that you most likely have been dealing with for another reason.  Sometime during the conversation ask “Have you ever considered an underground shelter?”
Build the conversation from there detailing all of our major selling features.
Step Two
Get their email and then put them onto an email list.
If the client is not sure about making a purchase yet, ask if it would be okay to send them some info about the real threats that are facing them and their family.
We watch current events and gather videos, mainly news videos that are relevant to those interested in purchasing a shelter.
We will send you emails with these videos.  You then create a single email list that you send these emails to your potential client list on a regular basis.
Step Three
Simply check in with your clients perhaps with a quick text once a month reminding them that they can get a shelter from you.
The idea is to build this list up to more and more potential clients.  As you keep sending them current event videos, and as events in the world escalate, more and more people on the list will become ready to make a purchase, and since you have stayed in contact, they will come to you for that purchase.

This limits your time commitment to:  1. having initial conversations, then 2. sending out one mass email maybe once every week or two, and then 3. half an hour to one hour a month sending out texts or having phone calls to remind them that they can get a shelter from you.

This could lead to extra tens of thousands of dollars per year or more.

Keep building that list!

Previous Clients

Finally, these shelters provide a great opportunity to revisit your past client list.

You no doubt have a large list of past clients that know you and are happy to work with you.  They already have a home so you are not likely to make another sale in that regard any time soon.  However, adding a shelter is a perfect opportunity for you to add another sale without all of the legwork of a brand new client.

Touch base with them and ask if they are interested!

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