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The Process

We want our clients to fully understand every aspect of their Fortress:


The first step is to give us a call at (513) 276-3719.  We will have a consultation to determine what size shelter is right for you and your family.  We will answer any questions and also discuss the various options as well as any other considerations.

The main items to determine are 1. size of shelter, 2. which types of rooms you would like to include and 3. which methods of providing power and water to the shelter.


Once we are in agreement as to the details of your shelter we will take care of the formalities.

We ask for a down payment up front to cover costs.


First, we will do a remote site survey.  This will involve learning about the water table as well as the frost line at your location.

Next we will order any needed materials.

At this point we will place your shelter into our build schedule and assign technicians to work on it.


Building the actual units consists of:

  1. Weld external structural steel to floor, walls and roof.  This gives the unit enough strength to be buried 6′ underground
  2. Weld walls to floor
  3. Weld roof to walls
  4. Test all of the seams that contact the interior

Apply Coatings

When the units are constructed we sand blast both the exterior and the interior surfaces to kill all surface rust to prevent it from forming.  (We sand blast and coat the bottom of the unit before welding the walls to it.)

Next we apply a coating that is manufactured for civic infrastructure such as bridges as well as to water proof deep sea oil rigs.  Depending on ground water exposure this material can protect the unit for up to 150 years.

After this we paint the interior walls with a mold resistant paint.

Install Interior Structure

We place a large water tank inside the shelter.  These tanks can be many hundreds of gallons.

We then install a high quality composite wood flooring.  This is the material used on high end outdoor decks.

After the flooring, we use concrete based boards -which are manufactured for exterior weather use- to build any interior walls.

Then we paint these newly installed interior walls.

Install Cabinetry and Utilities

At this point we install all kitchen cabinetry, bathroom vanities, toilets, showers, sinks, office cabinetry etc,

We install all wiring, lighting and plumbing.

We use an up-flush toilet system.  These systems can be installed almost anywhere.

We also create a close-able loop water system.  You can fill the large tanks with city water while times are good, and then close off this system and live off of the many hundreds of gallons in the underfloor tanks for many months.

Install Furnishings and Finishing Touches

We bring in any large furniture pieces such as beds and couches.  We install the faux windows.


We perform a detailed inspection of every aspect of your shelter.


We secure any loose items within the shelter such as furniture.  Then we place the unit on a truck for transport.


At your site, we dig a hole to place the shelter in.

We create a form, lay rebar and pour a 12″ deep concrete pad the size and shape of your shelter.  We coordinate this step so that the truck arrives at the shelter when the concrete pad has cured.

Using a crane we lower the shelter and any other parts into the hole.

We line up each piece and weld together any connection points.

Next, we connect each piece to the concrete pad with lag bolts.

We install drainage methods appropriate for the site such as french drains which direct exterior water within the soil away from the shelter.

We route all air venting, electrical and plumbing so that they are above where the surface will be once soil is filled back in.

We touch up any exposed areas with deep sea oil rig coating.

We fill in and pack dirt up to surface level.

Final Walk-Through

We do a final walk-through, using a checklist to ensure that the shelter is ready for you to begin using ASAP.


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